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NOTE: This guide is a "Cliff's Notes" version of about 30 years of clinical practice helping people lose weight, but more importantly...  To Get As HEALTHY AS POSSIBLE! 

If you're ready to take it to the next level & schedule a 1 hour $25 consultation with Dr. Infantino, please continue...

 To help determine if his approach is a good fit, please consider the following questions before scheduling. 

1. Have you tried "everything" to lose weight and keep it off with little to no success?

2. Are you living a relatively healthy lifestyle but not getting results you'd expected? (Losing weight, more energy, eliminate prescriptions, etc.)

3. Honestly, are you committed to making lifestyle changes, if necessary? 
(Ex. Reduce/eliminate processed food, sugar, alcohol, etc.)

4. Would your spouse/significant other be ok with these changes? (at least for a little while)

5. If we can help, would you (and your significant other) be willing to invest financially to achieve your goals? (To give you an idea, most customized plans range from $100-$200/per month.)

 If you can answer YES to these survey questions, we'd recommend scheduling a consultation before they're filled.

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*Disclaimer: While many of our patients have seen great success with our programs, there's no guarantee of specific results and results may vary for each patient. Proper expectations will be established for you once an initial consultation is completed.
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